Designed specifically for United States National Guard and Reserve personnel, Duty Tracker helps you keep track of your applicable Active Duty, UTA, and AFTP Events all in one simple, easy-to-use app. Just enter a few pieces of information, and it does the rest for you! Duty Tracker syncs all of your data to your Calendar using iCloud and reminds you about important deadlines.

Stop using a day planner or paper calendar to keep track of the days you go on duty. With Duty Tracker you can record your Active Duty, UTAs and AFTPs with a couple of taps. No more flipping through pages and adding up duties and trying to get all the dates correct. Let Duty Tracker do the math for you! Easily export your data every Fiscal year to keep records of your drill attendance and Active Duty performance.


● Track Active Duty Events
- Start Date
- End Date
- Paid (Yes/No)
- DTS (Yes/No)
- Notes
- Automatically calculates number of days per event
- Automatically calculates total number Active Duty Days for current fiscal year, and previous fiscal year.



● Track UTA Events
- Date Performed
- Date Scheduled
- Paid (Yes/No)
- Separated by month
- Monthly maximum warnings
- UTA quick view for easy visual reference




● Track AFTP Events
- Date
- Flying/Grounder
- Single/Double
- Paid (Yes/No)
- Separated by Year and Quarter
- Automatic Yearly and Quarterly Totals
- Automatic Flying and Grounder Totals
- Warns you if you exceed a Yearly or Quarterly Maximum
- Warns you if you exceed a Yearly or Quarterly Flying Maximum
- Warns you if you exceed a Yearly or Quarterly Grounder Maximum


● Export your data
- Export your data to a .CSV file for backup at any time





● Additional Features
- Tracks the current fiscal year, as well as the previous fiscal year
- Stores events in iCloud Calendar for you (syncs Calendar data to all your iCloud enabled devices)
- Get alerts before the end of each fiscal quarter and the end of each fiscal year
- Option to hide AFTPs
- Option to silence yearly and quarterly alerts
- ‘Guardsman Type’ setting for Traditional vs Technician (affects quarterly and yearly maximums.)